Recurrent Bonuses

From different confusing names to very subtle differences-you must actually first understand the meaning and the preconditions required by the casino before you are eligible to avail it. We give you a list so that you can understand these bonuses.

Playthrough/Wager Requirements

Suppose that you are given some money by the casino-if you are thinking of simply taking the money out and fooling the casino, then you terribly need to think straight. The casino requires that you invest the money a fixed number of times and then convert it to cash.

Bankroll playthrough:

This one says that you must wager the total of your bonuses and the deposited money at least a 20 number of times before you can actually cash out the money. A bankroll is the sum of your bonus which the casino awarded you, and the money which you yourself deposited.

Bonus playthrough:

This is different from a bankroll paythrough in the sense that this one only takes into account your bonus, for instance you had $50 as bonus, then you would have to make bets of total worth 50 x 20 = $1000, and only then you can cash out.

But check the game first!

You must first make a thorough exploration and study of the games upon which these above mentioned play through conditions don't apply. So there is no point in playing a lot and then expecting a huge play-through and then getting disappointed because you were not aware that there were external and additional conditions and requirements which you had to fulfill.

No-Deposit Bonus

This is the money which shoots you off into the gaming world of the online casino-you get money only for just registering yourself-and this is just to motivate you to try different games. You might be asked for mentioning some details like your credit card numbers before you can actually use this cash that you have got for absolutely free. Sometimes you would need to send an email so that your claim can be confirmed, and there are casinos which automatically transfer this money to your account.

Once again, there are always some 'conditions' which apply here too-especially in the case of no deposit bonuses. The casino will require that you have played with this bonus at least some number of times. Also, you might find an upper limit on the amount of money that you can withdraw at a time.

Free Money Bonus

You get this usually when you make your first deposit-as a good will gesture from the casino. This could be really worth because you can get good amount of money the first time, and use it to win more.

There are other kinds of bonuses as well, like the loyalty bonuses, and the sticky bonuses.