Below you will understand why the Microgaming software is one of the pioneer and leading software companies in the modern world. Some of the readers might already have encountered Microgaming at several places earlier; we also provide you a list of the online famous casinos which are powered by Microgaming.

After building up and handling about 120 casinos online and 40 poker rooms, Microgaming has made a respectable name for itself in the internet market today, and has gained its well-deserved fame also. It has been more than ten years now that Microgaming has successfully powered casinos and met all the expectations of its clients. Being a private company, the members of the Microgaming family take extreme pride in the brilliant and the top-notch quality of software solutions provided and projects completed, with amazing graphics and sound features. Being based in the Isle of Man, which is the same place where Microgaming's rival, Playtech, is also based, Microgaming provides licenses.

Microgaming's astounding success!

Not only has Microgaming achieved soaring heights, but it has also, over the course of time, developed its own circle and network of clients that it has serviced. It has also harnessed this very carefully and gradually built network for its own users. For instance, you can see the amazing Poker Networks where poker players from all over the globe are brought together and linked to each other through worldwide tournaments. The Progressive Network Jackpots, on the other hand, has also done the same thing and create a huge social impact by providing support for more than 21 slot games of huge variety. Since its inception, the amount of money that has been paid is $250 million.

The gaming industry changes rapidly with time, with new competitors and rivals emerging every now and then a new technology that comes up. However, Microgaming casino software has withstood both the test of time and the test of competition. On an average, in a month, Microgaming produces about four games.

This is why it is not hard at all to believe the fact that the Microgaming boasts about-that it is the top most leader and the largest in the market. From games for Mobile to hosting the famous GameWire, which has become one of the most widely used and safest way for players who playing casino games via mobile. Not only are Microgaming's products popular, but they are also top-notch when it comes to qualities like graphical features and security.

Microgaming's laudable aspect is its commitment to the idea that gaming practices should always be fair to every player, which is why it has been involved in the co-finding of eCOGRA.