Online Casino Bonuses

Online casinos create welcome bonuses for high rollers.

Bonuses: two basic approaches

  • To create a separate and independent bonus for high rollers only. It makes the bonus much bigger when one deposits large sum of money. For example regular players of Online Casino Tropez can deposit $50 and get a $50 bonus; if one deposits $100 he/ she get a $100 bonus. But according to this scheme if the deposit is $1000, the high roller will get the same $100 bonus. So, as you can see such a system is not attractive for high rollers.

    That is why Casino Tropez created new high rollers bonus scheme according to which with the deposit id $1000 the high roller will have $500 bonus and an exclusive Casino Tropez VIP club membership. As for the wager requirement, it must be doubled that of other regular players. And when depositing money for the second time, the bonuses for both regular players and high rollers become the same.

  • To create a unique bonus for both high rollers and regular layers, but in such a way that high rollers can choose the benefits. Regular players can't use this this option fully but it is possible to benefit out of one's level of wagering. Go Casino, one of the most famous online casinos, has a system like this, newest microgaming casinos. And the largest bonus there is $20.000 for the first 20 deposits. It means that high rollers of this online casino can deposit for example $1000 and get $1000 bonus every time.

    And as for the regular players, they can have $25 at the beginning of the game and then move up to $1000. Such online casino bonus system is attractive for all players, regular and those who are playing with large sums of money.

There are also Sign Up and Recurrent bonuses for online casino players.